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Darkhorse Analytics

Darkhorse Analytics is an Edmonton-based consulting firm specializing in predictive analytics and data visualization. We are a team of data scientists and information designers helping organizations identify insights within their data and building tools to help them make decisions. We have a relaxed, open, friendly work environment. We seldom use pie charts. We are tool and industry agnostic and have worked with emergency services, professional sports teams, consumer goods, energy, not-for-profits, and many more.

You can learn more about us and our work at

The Job

Darkhorse is hiring a Data Analytics Consultant.

Work at Darkhorse is ever-changing. We solve interesting and challenging business problems for clients in a wide range of industries.  Your responsibilities as an analyst will depend on your skill, experience, and the project itself. You will work with a team of analysts and take part in the project life cycle from start to finish, including:

Translating client needs into achievable solutions. We meet with clients who sometimes can’t fully articulate their needs, or may not know about a deeper root cause. Understanding our clients means that we can confidently approach their business problems.

Brainstorming creative approaches. Theory and practice never align, so creativity is a must in planning a solution.

Data cleaning and summary analysis. Data is rarely what you want it to be. Cleaning and understanding your inputs are the first required step in any quantitative project.

Developing hypotheses and models. It would be nice just to give your client an answer, but it would be nicer to explain how you got there. Developing a robust and reproducible model is as much about your rationale and hypothesis, as it is about the answer.

Interpreting, and presenting results to clients. The right answer is only half the answer. The work doesn’t stop at the end of the analysis; it stops when it leads to a decision.

Developing useful custom applications, tools, visualizations and dashboards for clients. When an answer is reproducible, we like it to be implemented and used continuously with visual analytics and custom application design.

What we look for...

You genuinely enjoy problem-solving and finding patterns. The harder the challenge, the harder it is to put it down until you crack it.

You are intrigued by a career in consulting and data analysis. You believe that being constantly pushed out of your comfort zone is a thrilling opportunity.

You can communicate well. Having the correct analytical solution is one thing, but you should also be able to develop your solution methodically and explain the whole thing to your grandmother in the end.

You are skeptical, motivated, flexible, and comfortable immersing yourself in data. You’re detail-oriented but can see the big picture.

You are familiar with a variety of methods and approaches including inferential statistics, optimization, linear programming, and machine learning.

You are a wizard with some combination of Excel, SQL, [R], and Python.

You are creative in your approach to problem-solving.

You share our values.

Our Values

We’re selective about those who enter our company, and the result is a team of brilliant people who genuinely enjoy working with one another. We’re looking for an analyst who shares our values:

Trust first
We choose to extend trust before it can be earned. We value transparency and openness, and we believe in our employees.

Do the right thing, every time
We maintain our integrity in the face of difficult or uncomfortable decisions. And we trust our team to know what the right thing is.

We communicate the complex in a way that others can grasp, and we do so succinctly.

Is there a better way?
Sometimes a best practice is only a good practice.  We’re continually looking for ways to improve our work and our workplace.

Own it
We are proud of our accomplishments and accountable for our mistakes.  We own our commitments and we own the success of our company.

Take the long view
We look at every decision through a long-term lens.  Our relationships with employees and clients is sustainable through time.


  • University Degree in a related field preferred but not required (Business, Economics, Statistics, Engineering, Math).

  • 1-5 years experience in a project-based work environment

  • Recent graduates with co-op experience will be considered.

  • Demonstrated project management skills and expertise is an asset.

  • Experience with client engagement is an asset.

How to Apply

Please submit your CV and cover letter via the following link by September 30th, 2018.
Applying through this link requires a short 30-minute discovery survey. This is best completed in an environment where you can focus:


We look forward to hearing from you!