Free, local, bite-size analytics talks.


Lunchalytics is a monthly speaker series conveniently held during your lunch hour. It's a casual and fun forum showcasing interesting work in the field of analytics. Come on out, we'd love to see you there.

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Lunchalytics’ grew out of the Canadian Operational Research Society, which hosted analytical speakers from time to time.

The events moved to lunchtime, grew in popularity, and lunchalytics was born.


Lunchalytics aims to increase awareness and understanding of the power of analytics to aid decision-making.  It provides a forum to share cool and interesting work and to connect producers, consumers, and academics in the field.

In short, Lunchalytics wants to help build the analytics community.


  • Craig Hiltz, Darkhorse

  • Daniel Haight, Darkhorse

  • Carmen Velasquez, Darkhorse

  • Rhys Chouinard, ATB Financial

  • Russ Fenske, Canadian Western Bank

  • Bob Hiew, DAMA


Speak at an Event

You are the expert. You know your industry and the numbers like no one else. You've done something cool. It's time to share your knowledge.


Sponsor an Event

Be the hero, buy the lunch. The people will be grateful and your name will be forever exalted when you sponsor an event.


Lunchalytics is brought to you by Darkhorse Analytics. The Darkhorse team has been analyzing and visualizing data since before analytics was a thing. We are dedicated to helping you decide, engage, and convince with your data. Visit our site to find out more.


Lunchalytics Edmonton is hosted at Startup Edmonton, an entrepreneurial campus and community hub.  Startup Edmonton connects entrepreneurs and product builders with skills, community, and space to support them as they take ideas to reality. Connect with Startup to learn more.


“Analytics helps you find a free lunch. Lunchalytics is a free lunch.”

DAN HAIGHT   Co-Founder